Shropshire Wedding Planner

Hey there... what a rubbish year it has been!


First, let's take a big deep breath and give each other a big virtual hug! This whole pandemic has caused a lot of sleepless nights, headaches and tears for us all, without the added worry of how this affects your special day!


Before Covid-19 appeared I, like many other suppliers, hadn't had many dealings with postponements or cancellations and many of my older contracts have a very limited cancellation policy.


From September 2020, I have rewritten my cancellation policy to include postponements and what options are available to you should something out of our control happens. 


For postponements


  • Firstly, I am available to all clients (including Wedding Day Management) to help arrange postponements.
  • If arranging postponement yourself, please ask for my availability prior to choosing a new date.
  • Postponements will be free of charge if they occur within 12 months of your original booked date.
  • If the new date is over 12 months after the original booked date, you will be charged the difference between your original fee and the current fee for your service at the time of postponement. (I have held last year's prices for this very reason)
  • If I am not available for your new date, you will be offered my lovely junior planner, Elissa or an associate planner.

For Cancellations

  • If you unfortunately choose to cancel your wedding, or my services then refunds will be assessed by how much work has been carried out and how much of the total fee has been paid.
  • In many cases, no refunds will be due as my payment schedules reflect my planning schedules, however each case will be considered individually.


I advise all clients to keep up to date with the facts surrounding weddings and Covid-19, social media is full of fake data and speculation that really doesn't help us! Please follow the #whataboutweddings campaign who are helping give my industry the voice it needs to be heard by the Government and are pushing for a roadmap for us to return to doing what we love!


As always, stay safe and stay strong!


- Love Amy x